Application Procedure

All sale transaction on this site is based on Credit Facility Scheme (Skim KASUMA) managed by Perbadanan Perwira Niaga Malaysia (PERNAMA). No deposit is required.

Delivery of goods is confined to Malaysia only (inclusive of Sabah and Sarawak).

Customer would have to select their required product as per list available under various category. List of locations are also available for customer to choose where their product would be delivered.

Once selection have been made, applicant would be taken to fill up their details as per columns displayed. Customer would be able to know the monthly deduction amount as per their selected credit duration.

It would then be transmitted for validation and processing. Customer would be kept informed of their application status.

An approval code would be generated on approval and customer is invited to collect their product at the selected location while filling up confirmatory/acceptance documents.

The selected monthly deduction would then be effected the following month.

Customer would be able to check their account status from time to time on this site under the available tool bar.

Thank you for patronizing our site and have a good day.